Our Mission

Most of these schools have no access to drinking water and some classrooms roofs are in bad conditions.  No food is served at the school or accommodation lodging.  Many of the students go hungry day after day, but they know how important education is. The schools would like to do more than feed the brain, but under current conditions, filling their bodies with decent food is not possible.  The school is in bad shape; cracks on walls, roofs and frames are in poor condition. Boys and girls share the bathroom, no food is served in school, no sleeping facility or overnight to stay. Your donations could change all of this and give hope to a child.

Our mission is too build a community center for orphans and street children of Rep. Dem. of Congo in Kinshasa with several beds, toilets, access to drinking water, and classrooms.

Help Children of Africa Center coming project

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Help the Children of Africa - A charitable foundation

  Help Children of Africa Center coming project