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Help the Children of Africa - A charitable foundation

Help Children of Africa is a non-profit org., tax-exempt under IRS code 501 (c)3.

We are in the process of renewing our document, creating our Logo, and looking for volunteers Doctors around the world to join our organization.  Please contact us if you are interested.

How can you help the children of Africa?  

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 This book aims to reveal to the world the rich sense of culture, history and hope for the future embodied by that continent.  We are here to educate the public about Africa.  This book is a treasure for life.  Click here to learn more about Africa.


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Africa Is in a state of social and political turmoil. The children , who are the future of this great continent, have been ravaged by rampant homelessness and many are orphaned shortly after birth. It's a tough life for them and they need all the help that they can get to turn their future into something good that's worth the long struggle that lies ahead of them.


Saving The Poor, Orphaned And The Street Children of This World


The gift of life is precious.  And now, more than ever before, the children of Africa need your help.


Angels for Hope

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